Eco Organic Garden Maintenance

Eco Organic Garden Maintenance

We operate a sustainable, landscaping and chemical free landscaping and garden maintenance business in the upper Blue Mountains. The team offers:

  • Garden makeovers & turf laying
  • Project design and implementation
  • Bird & Bee friendly Veggie garden setup
  • Lawn & edge maintenance

We use our own contractors for Stonework and Water Features.


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For All of Your Gardening Needs

We offer a completely organic, chemical free garden and property soft landscaping system which is developed and maintained with the Blue Mountains environment in mind.

Chemical Free gardening

Seaweed solution, fish emulsion (liquid fertiliser) companion planting for effective pest control. We’re persuaded to apply far too many chemicals to our gardens and these are killing the insects upon which human life ultimately depends such as bees.

Garden Maintenance

We provide

  • regular weed control without pesticides
  • Lawn and garden cutting and clearing

Bee Friendly Habitat

Ponds and habitat garden, planting annuals that will flower all year round. Open pollination to attract native and honey bees.

We’ve been creating high quality organic & sustainable home & commercial gardens in the blue mountains since 2005

Gary has sustainable and chemical free practices at heart and makes a working artistry out of any block of land. Gary’s own property is a treasure a trove of unique yard fixtures and has features that would make any homeowner consider a garden makeover. His work on his garden, and any of the gardens he maintains in Katoomba, Leura and much of the Upper Blue Mountain shows that while you can make something more attractive in the end the joy comes from knowing it is also functional, sustainable and friendly to the environment and animal habitats that surround it. Gary fits purpose and functionality into the design of your guarden from his working through the initial concept and design to implementation and maintenance.

General Garden Maintenance

Bee Friendly Habitats

Lawn and Edge Maintenaince

Home Garden Design

Whether you have a complete and decided scheme for your green space, your garden, your patio or your play area, or whether you have the beginnings of an idea to integrate your garden with a full swarm beekeeping practice or organic worm farm, it’s likely that we can help you realise the project that you have in mind. Call or email us for a relaxed informal and no obligation quote.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Whether your garden requires ‘once in a while‘ watering or a regular maintenance schedule, we can provide garden maintenance to meet your needs.

Quality Gardening & Maintenance Services


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Our Happy Clients

“Garry always does a great job of making the communal areas of the property look really appealing to the residents. When people have busy lives it’s important they have a little oasis of calm they can relax in”

Leura Retirement Property

“Having purchased a property that badly needed attention in tKatoomba, Garry has tamed the garden back into the pride it should be. MethodicaI, enthusiastic, kind and trustworthy, I would highly recommend Garry for all aspects of gardening; from property clearance/ work to landscape planning and planting insect friendly plants. “


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Let's Build Your Dream Garden Together

Covering KatoombaLeura, BlackheathWentworth Falls, & surrounding shires. Contact Garry to discuss your gardening care and bee friendly garden needs.