Organic Gardening Services

We will come and have a look at your property and give you a rough estimate on the spot.


Chemical Free gardening

Seaweed solution, fish emulsion (liquid fertiliser) companion planting for effective pest control. We’re persuaded to apply far too many chemicals to our gardens and these are killing the insects upon which human life ultimately depends such as bees.

Garden Maintenance

We provide

  • regular weed control without pesticides
  • Lawn and garden cutting and clearing

Pet & Bee Friendly Habitat

Ponds and habitat garden, planting annuals that will flower all year round is good for pets. Open pollination to attract honey bees.

Custom Stonework

Steps and garden walls to maintain a beneficial temperature for flora and fauna.

Garry has been creating high quality organic & sustainable home & commercial gardens in the blue mountains since 2008

Garry has sustainable and chemical free practices at heart and makes a working artistry out of any block of land. Garry’s own property is a treasure a trove of unique yard fixtures and has features that would make any homeowner consider a garden makeover. His work on his garden, and any of the gardens he maintains in Katoomba, Leura and much of the Upper Blue Mountain shows that while you can make something more attractive in the end the joy comes from knowing it is also functional, sustainable and friendly to the environment and animal habitats that surround it. Garry fits purpose and functionality into the design of your guarden from his working through the initial concept and design to implementation and maintenance.

Residential Services

Garry’s main focus is developing long-term relationships with his clients and assisting them to better understand, craft, measure, and leverage the essence of their gardens and lifestyle. Step by step he will take you through the design process to bring your idea into reality for even the most modest of proerty.

Lawn Mowing and yard maintenance including clearance and even light weeding.

Pest maintenance

Bee Keeping compatibility

Indoor Plant Advice

Drainage advice and improvement

Yard living area construction.

Pathways and Features Design

Landscaping and garden design

Lawn Mowing and yard maintenance for large commercial properties

Mulching and composting

Plant selection for bird and bee affinity

Organic waste management

Water Feature Design

Commercial Services

Garry can easily set up a year-round management plan for your property

“We take a very holistic approach to every project!”

As a qualified horticulturist and landscaper Garry is responsible for the installation of the soft landscaping and planting. If required, construction experts are selected based on the specific requirements of your projects. Garry will be responsible for managing the project from start to finish, ensuring that all of your needs are met throughout the process.

“Everything is in keeping with an organic model from start to finish.”

Garry’s Work

The beautifu7l gardens that Garry works on speak for themselves. He can come and evaluate your property but can also probably take you on a little tour of well maintained properties in your area that are tended by Garry and the teamk.


Extremely professional. Great ideas and and execution.
Pleasure to deal with and would highly recommend.

Our horticulture service is personalised to every garden. We will manage our visits so they are completed on time and at the highest standard. We are highly focused on communication and highly targeted design strategies that work for you and your garden.

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